Smart Materials Replace Components in a Box: Billion Dollar Opportunity

Smart Materials Replace Components in a Box: Billion Dollar Opportunity 

It is a technological megatrend providing billion dollar business opportunities. The unique new IDTechEx Research report Smart Materials as Structural Electronics and Electrics 2019-2029 explains how structural materials can be electronically, electrically, mechanically, magnetically and optically smart nowadays. For example, the report explains how electrically smart device casing and aircraft fuselages can save up to 60% of space and weight, increase reliability tenfold and make new things possible such as a vehicle body nervous system. These are mainly load-bearing or conformal smart materials.

"Massless energy" is one example. This is structural energy harvesting and storage making a vehicle lighter and smaller with the same passenger and cargo space. Add implants that think and react and self-powered, self-aware responsive city infrastructure from bridges to fences. Multifunctional electricity-generating windows already exist. The benchmarking and analysis are presented in information-packed Infogrames and concise text and graphs.   Smart Materials as Structural Electronics and Electrics 2019-2029 is intended to be of particular interest to investors, researchers, manufacturers, purchasers and users.

 It serves those involved in the value-added material - plastics to ceramics, composites, concrete, glass, carbon allotropes, 2D compounds and more. Those making devices and structures that do not yet employ electrically smart casing, trim or bodywork will learn how to reposition in time. That spans those concerned with wearables, electronic and electrical devices, road vehicles, boats, ships and aircraft to roads, bridges, buildings and more.   The actual examples are given embrace sensors, energy harvesting, energy storage, transport, shipping, aerospace. Many companies and researchers are presented. 

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