This amazingly acrobatic winged robot moves just like a fruit fly

Humans may have to worry about robots taking their jobs, but you know who else should probably be watching their back? Fruit flies! At least, that’s if you’re going by a new robotic creation from researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. They have built an awesomely agile, quad-wing flapping robot, which can exhibit the same kind of winged motion as its insect inspiration.
DelFly’s four wings let it control three axes of flight. With them, it’s able to exhibit some dazzlingly fly-like moves and even a full 360-degree flip. At present, it’s able to fly for only around five minutes, however. That limits its usefulness, but with the proper amendments, this could well change in the future.
Currently, the robot can already carry a small camera, sending live images to the operator, and can fly for more than a kilometre when fully charged
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