Do you know about this Coffee Delivering Drone ?

A Coffee Drone Patent Was Just Approved & It Will Deliver You A Cup Before You Know You Need It

“The Future Is Now”, we have this: IBM has dreamed up a coffee drone that will deliver you coffee before you even know you need it or at least, it will if it becomes a reality. The drone doesn’t exist yet but the concept for it does. In fact, IBM was just granted a patent for it. I’ll admit that I’m not entirely sure if a drone that can anticipate a human’s need or desire for coffee and then promptly deliver a cup of the stuff is really something we need ??

The device as described would operate pretty much the way you’d expect; an “unmanned aerial vehicle” usually abbreviated to UAV and colloquially known as a drone, would be capable of carrying coffee  or any other drink, for that matter to “an area including people” and delivering it to a human located there.

Coffee?? Yes !!

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