Top 3 Reasons : Why you should attend International Conference at Osaka in Winter ?

4th International Conference on Innovative and Smart Materials 
Venue: The Hyatt Regency, Osaka, Japan
Dates: November 19-20, 2018 

Theme: “Appreciating Smart Materials for a Smarter Future”

Reason 1: “The most anticipated topics and sessions at the Conference”

Smart and Innovative materials are the need of hour Concept as the growth of technology is the most discussed topic these days. Many Innovative devices and materials are being invented and it is the time to speak and learn about them.

Conference Highlights

  •           Classification of Smart Materials
  •           Smart Structures and Materials
  •           Smart Materials using Nano-technology
  •           Robotics and Future
  •           Shape Memory Alloys
  •           Automation and Impact
  •           Properties and Characterization of Smart Materials
  •           Smart Materials in Medical Sciences
  •           Actuators and Sensors as Smart Materials
  •           Smart Textiles in Clothing
  •           Smart Materials in Global Market
  •           Applications of Smart Materials
  •           Future Scope of Smart Materials
  •           Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete ( CFRC )
  •           Smart Combat Suits
  •           Self-healing Hydro-gels
  •           Electrostrictive Polymers for Energy Harvesting
  •           Sun Exposure Monitoring Sensor
Reason 2: “Osaka is a winter land of many Events, Adventures and Sports”
Not as bitingly cold during the winter months as other Japanese cities, Osaka is a good choice for a winter getaway. And, with so much going on, it’d be a shame to miss out.
·         Osaka Festival of Light
·         Osaka Castle 3D Mapping Super Illumination and Illume Night Banpaku Xmas 
·         Namba Hikaritabi Illuminations
·         Abeno Tennoji Iluminage
·         Osaka Christmas Market and many more attractions

Reason 3: Getting A Japan Visa Will Now Be Easier Than Buying A Movie Ticket!
As per an official statement released by the Japanese embassy earlier this year, travellers applying for a multiple-entry-visa no longer have to go through the hassles of producing an employment certificate and an explanation letter stating the reason for travel before the visa authorities. The entire visa process will now require just three documents:
·         The passport
·         The visa application form (with photo)
·         The documents proving the traveller’s financial capability

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